A Practical Guide For Praying Parents

A Practical Guide For Praying Parents

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A Practical Guide For Praying Parents


Any Christian mother and father, or grandmother and grandfather, desires what is spiritually best for their children. However, knowing how to pray for them can often be as challenging as knowing what to pray. With the help of Dr. Erwin Lutzer, you can learn how your best, loving intentions can become enriching, effective intercessions for your children or grandchildren. Trade your lists of requests for Scripturally-based prayers that will immerse you in God's promises and will.

In A Practical Guide for Praying Parents, Dr. Lutzer addresses:

  • How to pray when children have hardened hearts
  • How to pray for children who have become wayward prodigals
  • How to become a prayer warrior who prays in the face of spiritual warfare

This small guide will help you pray scriptural prayers that both bring you closer to God and bless your children.

112 pages | 5 x 7 | Paperback | ISBN 9780802420404

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